( ˈ d ʒ ɔ ɪ  ˌ  r a ɪ d ɪ n g ’ ) \ · // Yea it’s cool, i’ll be ok.

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i just almost missed my train because i was taking a personality quiz to find out what fruit I am

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.weighted. >> stomachaches

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'hey cutie'

*3 days later*

'nm hbu'

i have had it up to here with teenage boys oh my god

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so i FINALLY finished my folie a deux stickers and they are now available on my etsy shop!!

the 4 sets that are available are:

note: the stickers are not waterproof, they are approximately 3 inches square, and the cost is a bit higher for international shipments

yeah so it would super awesome if you bought a set (or 2) ((or 3)) but if you arent going to it would be super appreciated if u reblogged this anyways so it gets around a lil more!! thank u!!!


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