My Panic(!) at the Disco sign. I finally finished it, it took me about 12 hours to do across 4 days and turned out better than expected. It’s a little off scale since it was a very spur of the moment project and everything was done free handed without measuring it or using templates. It’s 3D and fully hand painted except for  the flowers and the butterfly, all purchased from Ebay.

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12|50 Danger Days pictures for anonymous

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"Danger Days is about self-actualization, it’s not about the savior of the broken and the beaten." -Gerard Way
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Bullets Era Frank for gerardwaysthighs.

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My blog recently turned 1 year old (on the 21st) and I hit 2.2k Followers yay so lets do a promo! (transparents credit: x x)


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Ill make up the categories when the time comes but they will probably be pretty standard ones. also sorry for the stupid banner (i didn’t feel like making a nice one shhhhhh) Thank you all for following this dumb blog.

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