I could scream forever
We are the poisoned youth

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"[Hesitant Alien] has everything from shoegaze to Britpop, and it's a very British album. Everything from fuzz rock to noise rock, to experimentation, to Berlin-era Bowie and Iggy stuff. I've distilled it into some other thing and there's a thread of that throughout the record, but I went deep into my influences" Gerard Way on the influences of his album.

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When he talks about making Hesitant Alien, it often sounds like he was pissing about like a musical Willy Wonka, fiddling with things until they scratched an almost childlike itch to create. He was able to revisit the music that shaped him, and chase the inspirations he wanted—David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Blur, Joy Division. It’s one thing having earned the right to do whatever the hell he likes (and he has), but Gerard is also reveling in a far simpler fact: this is brand new, and there are no boundaries and no preordained expectations. 

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Becoming a successful and moderately famous musician is easily the strangest thing to ever happen to me.

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And we’ve overcome that.

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frank looks so fuckin good in recent fan photos im gonna cry he just looks so hot

Name: How It's Going To Be
Artist: Gerard Way
Album: Hesitant Alien
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How it’s Going to be - Gerard Way.

i just tagged a pic set of gerard with my frank tag i am overworked

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58-59/100 pictures of Frank for redheadweirdo | 81-82/100 pictures of Frank Iero on stage

 Cause I'll give you all the nails you need,
Cover me in gasoline again.

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